FillTris puzzle game

Level volume: 10
High Scores
  • Beat the 20 levels of the normal game with increasing difficulty and varying speed.
  • Easy infinite game, constant difficulty and speed, no levels. Nice to discover FillTris gameplay or casual play.

How to Play

Move the bottom tube to gather and organize the falling pieces. Try to arrange them so they fill the whole tube without gaps. There are 3 fill levels, as follows:  fill x1 ,  fill x2 ,  fill x3  (max).

When the fill indicator is on, you can empty the tube by hitting clear. Higher fill level = higher score.

Keyboard Controls

Move the bottom tube
Fast fall of the current piece
Clear / empty the tube if it's filled
Enter Esc
Start / Pause / Continue


FillTris is created by Alric Joffrin: original concept, javascript development, html & css design, all arts including graphics, sound effects & music.

x1 x2 x3
Std 0 0
Pft 0 0 0
0 / 30
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FillTris v0.9.9 New in this version: high scores submit and viewing. - © Joffrin Studio 2012-2013.